It's amazing what God has done for us ! He sent His one and only son to die for us . In Matthew 7 , we are told Jesus is the only way to God , and he is the only way to God .
Do you know Jesus ? maybe you've never heard about him , or you have all your life and never asked him into your life , or maybe you've asked him into your life and you want to 'get serious' , pray this prayer with me .......

Dear Jesus ... Thank you so much for loving me even when I don't deserve You , Lord come into my life , change me , break me , make me new , make me whole ... forgive me . Purify my heart . Jesus I believe You died on the cross and rose again three days later . You are my savior and one day I will live with you forever. But until then , help me to stand for You, shine for You, to make a differnce and let Your truth be known..... use me Lord , Holy Spirit fill me. I love you so much ! In Jesus' Holy name I pray , Amen .

        If you prayed this pray , let some one know ! You can
l me  and please tell you family and friends too .