Link Submission Guidelines
Because I'm 'picky' about what I put on my site links are no different . So, here are a few hings to keep in mind when submitting a link to my page or webring.

a) Site(s) must agree w/ the Apostle's Creed , other than that any denomination is welcome.
b) No site(s) conaining the following: pornography, profanity, racist remarks/views or unmodest pictures.
c)  I do not believe it's 'okay' for Christians to listen to or support secular music in any way shape or form, therefore any sites w/ midis or mp3 (ect) or links to secular music sites or any promotion of secular music will be linked to.

  Does You site meet the above requiments?
Fill out this form and I'll check out your site and if it's ok, then I'll link to it .

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