LiL about me
Name : Robbi (short for Roberta)
Age: 15 (isn't it scary I am learning how to drive ??? Bwahahaha!!!  ;@ ) just kidding)
Misc. : I am a Jesus Freak (and proud of it!!)
I live in a small town about an hour away from Nag Head NC.
I go to the EMC in Ecity , it's awesome ! they have a lot of activities that the youth can get involved with (of this is I am greatful!).
Our youth group went to the 'Acquire the Fire' gathering in VA Back in Jan (if it's coming to a town anywhere near you I highly recomend you go (and take a friend or go in a group) ).
for some of my fave links, go to the linx page .
I have 3 sibs (two sisters and a brother) , I am the oldest.
Cassi is almost 13 , TJ is 6 and Abbi is almost a month old now.
My mom teaches my sibs and I at home , for more info on that,
click here
. My hobbies are : reading, writing, working on my web site (you'd have never guessed would you?), gardening (you heard me right), and chatting with friends online.