F.R.O.G.       = Fully Rely on God
P.U.S.H.       = Pray Until Something Happens
D.O.G.          = Depend on God
L.G.L .          = Live God Loud
BRB              = Be Right Back
LOL              = Laugh Out Loud
ROTFLOL     = Rolling on The Floor Laughing Out Loud
WWJD          = What Would Jesus Do ?
DJWW          = <the> Devil Just Won't Win (ain't it the                               truth!)
Fave             = Favorite
CUL8R         =  See You Later
CU                = See You (Duh !)
B4N              =Bye for now
JAM             =Just a minute
LD                = later dude
OIC               = Oh, I see
RUOK           = Are You Ok ?
TIA               =Thanks In Advance
<g>               = Grin
<bg>             =Big Grin
<gg>              = Giggles
v                    =Peace
(@) * o * (@) 
Right now I'm working on a kinda 'Christian Dictionairy'
That'll be the 'Talk' part . God bless!
Smiles in Christ :@ )
Robbi  3-12-01

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