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Mission Impossible ?
You Mision should you choose to accept it :
Show God's undying love .
Think going on a mission trip means going out of the country ?
Think again!
Do you know that other countries like Australia send missionairies to America as a mission field ?
You can make a difference ! It may be in your family , your school , friends , church or anywhere else , but you can do it !
Here are some ideas for you to start with !

Volenteer @ a soup kitchen or homeless shelter near you
Buy Christian books , movies (Veggie tales , ect) , and donate them to your local library .
You will need your parent's permission for all of the following ! And you may need to get permission from others as well .
(you can also see if your local hospital's children's wing would like some veggie tales movies too!)
*Cut an elderly neigbor's yard - free of charge
*Volenteer to read books to kid at your local library
*Volenteer to pick-up the bulletins (candy wrapper's ect) after your church's services one sunday (maybe not just one sunday!) (if somebody  normally does this , offer to give them a break!)
*collect hats for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer (or chemo) . Check with the children'swing at your local hospital to see what you need to do first !
*Give care to care givers . Take a small gift to all of the nurses and nurses' aids at your local hospital (or to a particular floor or department)
Inclued a small note from you youth group .
*Deliver prayer bears . Collect new stuffed bears for the children's wing at your local hospital . Before delivering them , pray and ask God to bless each child who gets one (and everyone else in the hospital). Consult the Chaplain or director of volenteers services to schedual a drop-off date . You can tie a mall card witha short note on it (like God loves you or God bless you) to each of the bear's arms .
*Get a group together to sing Christmas carols at a local children's hospital or nursing home (you can also see about leading a worship service at a nursing home on a regular basis) .
*Minister to your local fire and police stations . These peeps don't  get as much attention as everyone else ; take them snack and drinks and/or flowers
*Throw a youth-sponsored baby shower . Begin a new tradition-praticularly if the parents-to be are youth group members , church staff or members or youth workers

I'm getting together links to site with different ways you can help all around the world !

If you do want to go somewhere on a mission trip , check out these links !