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Bible Facts
Where was Jesus buried?
The rock-cut Garden Tomb near Gordon's Calvary is thought by some to be the site of Jesus' burial, but it is possible the tomb is somewhere under the present-day Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

How Fast can a Camel go?
People walking on foot could travel about 15 miles a day in Bible times. Donkey caravans could travel about 20miles a day. Fully loaded camel caravans could cover 18 to 20 miles a day. But someone riding a camel could travel much faster- up to 70 miles a day.

Hell on Earth
The Hinnon Valley in Jerusalem was a place where residents burned their rubbish. As a result, it gained a reputation as a place of fiery abominations and it even became symbolic of hell. Its Hebrew name-gi'hinmon-formed the basis for the New Testement word gehenna, which means "hell".
Angel Facts

They are created by God (Eph. 3:9)

They report directly to God (Job 1:6)

They are named 273 times in 34 of the books of the Bible.

They were present at the Creation (Job 38)

They announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds (Lk 2:9-14)

They were created to live forever (Rev 4:8)

They are numberless, posses free will, and express joy (Dt 33:2), (Jude 6), (Job 38:7)


The Bible does not say Eve ate an apple. It says that the woman ate a fruit from the forbidden tree.

Not all the animal in the ark came in twos, some came in sevens. 

The Bible does not say Jonah was swallowed vy a whale. It says a large fish.

The Bible does not say that there were three wise men. It oly names three gifts, not the number of men.

The maxim "God helps those who help themselves" is not found anywhere in the Bible.

Food Facts

Israelites did not have sugar, they used honey from wild bees for sweetener.

Butter was seldom used because it wouldn't keep; cheese and yogurt were popular.

Most people ate with their fingers (although a spoon was used for things like soup).

Flat loaves of barley bread were most likely the most commonly used.

Food Laws

In the Old Testament, strict food laws were laid down for all Jews.
They were generally as follows:

Animals that chew their cud and have divided hoofs could be eaten.

Pork could not be eaten. It was considered unclean.

Only fish with fins and scales could be eaten.

Scavengers and many other birds were not eaten.

Blood had to be drained from a carass before it was cooked.

Meat and milk dishes were not to be cooked or eatem together.

Meat that had been offered to idols could not be eaten.

The gecko, crocodile, and lizard were all off-limits, but locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers were just fine for snacks or meals! Although the reason for these strict diet laws are not fully clear, thay were likely given to protect the health of the Israelites, and to set this group apart as the people of God(Lev. 11).
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